In many situation where you find yourself using a tape measure you'll find the Trim Gauge™ better suited. Its patented design increases productivity and accuracy. It has been proven beneficial in such areas as carpentry, roofing, tile-work, glass, graphics, sewing, and crafts.

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Establishing Reveals
This is a common occurrence that is present in virtually all projects. Just about everything that is made has some sort of reveal, exposed edge, offset or overlapping edge.

Repetitive Measurements
Projects often require the same repeated dimension over and over again. With the Trim Gauge™ you set the gauge once, lock it down with the thumb screw and you are able to make as many marks that you need before moving to the next dimension.

Scribe Lines
One of the more difficult and time consuming lines to establish on any given project is the parallel line that follows the material, ie;(rip line) With a TRIM�GAUGE�, users can copy, transfer or scribe the smallest of lines along their straight or contoured work in a snap.

Depth Gauge
Determine the depth simply by loosening the thumb screw, sliding the Trim Gauge™ forward into the crevice and re-tighten the thumb screw.

Finding Centers
When you need to find the center of your project for fastening hardware with the Trim Gauge™ is quick to set up and incredibly accurate. It 's like having an adjustable jig.

Transfer Measurements
When you need to transfer a measurement from one work area to another, the Trim Gauge™ quick lock-down feature performs this task with ease and accuracy the first time, thus eliminating the need to measure and re-measure the same piece.

Power Tool Adjustments
Determine the blade settings on your table saw. The location and depth of your drill or router can easily be adjusted with the Trim Gauge™.

Trim Gauge™ makes leveling easy using its two built in spirit levels.


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